RideBoom Launches Its Much Awaited Bike Taxi Service and Is an Instant Hit

Launched In Chandigarh and For Adjoining Towns, This RideBoom Service Follows Their Cab Service Into Popularity And Satisfaction. MOHALI (April 29th, 2021) – Popular taxi service RideBoom has launched its bike service in Chandigarh. The service is currently intended to just be for Chandigarh and for towns within limited distance from it. Customers can simply

CGA Coin newly listed in Coineal exchange market

July 5th, First listing in encrypted currency exchange market Coineal The CGA Coin from Crypto Gaming Alliance (Here and after known as ‘CGA’) which has successfully concluded its recent free sales has announced on the 1st that they would carry out their first listing in encrypted currency exchange market Coineal on the 5th. CGA has

People around the world supporting a Korean company that spreads Korea’s history that was distorted by Japan

With the Tokyo Olympics opening soon, a Korean company has attracted attention by offering a T-shirt design using Dokdo, which is in dispute with Japan, to the Korean national team. It is Lakai Korea, who has been in the process of international litigation against Japanese and Chinese netizens since last March because of their distortion