Professor Zhu Haogang, the Chief Architect of LEBEN Attends the 14th China E-Government Forum

Hongkong, Jul 29, 2019 — The joining of data flow technologies is essential for the building of “digital government”. At the 14th China E-Government Forum cum the 1st Digital Government Summit, Professor Zhu Haogang, the chief architect of LEBEN was interviewed by Xinhua Talking and he talked about the application of data flow technologies in the building of “digital government”.


“Compared with a ‘physical government’, a ‘digital government’ operated by administrators needs to make many changes”, Zhu Haogang says, “At first, I worked on data flow research so as to apply it to medical services, but now, I’ve expanded the application of data flow technologies to governance administration system.”

Figure 1-The chief architect of LEBEN Professor Zhu Haogang Is Being Interviewed by Xinhua Talking


Professor Zhu Haogang also mentioned that the innovation of building “digital government” lies in breaking the barriers of data liquidity and achieving business coordination among the departments which had been physically separated. With its greatest function being public services, “digital government” is not just limited to a “physical government’s” scope in governing enterprises and individuals, serving for official document flow and others. Instead, “digital government” will provide public governance services and data flow for common people, the society and even other countries.


In the future, the liquidity of data needs to be enhanced, and a huge amount of separated data needs to be coordinated for the governing, serving all walks of life and building an improved “digital government” , the difficulty of which should never be underestimated. Technically, the key to breaking the “isolated island of data” lies in separating the usage rights and ownership of data. In the existing data system, each time data is used; one needs to copy the data for the handler. That the usage rights and ownership are not separated makes many organizations unwilling to provide data, thus resulting into the data enclosure phenomenon. This is detrimental for building “digital government”.


The government needs to treat data as an asset so as to solve this problem. Besides technically separating the usage rights and ownership of data, the government should also bring its guiding role into full play. For example, the government shall include data assets in the functions of all committees, offices, bureaus so as to improve the activeness, initiative of data exchange as well as data quality.

Figure 2-LEBEN’s Brand Logo


Take LEBEN as an example. Based on the technical system, the LEBEN platform differentiates the ownership, usage rights and execution rights of medical data to formally create and validate smart contracts, realize data exchange and sharing, and visualize medical knowledge exchange. Driven by business applications, it breaks the boundaries among different medical institutions and medical systems in different countries, fully solving the problem of the “isolated island of data”.


Figure 3-LEBEN Data Rights and Interests


“Once the liquidity of data is improved, we’ll be able to apply it in any field smoothly.” Zhu Haogang says, “Governmental guidance is very important during this process. How to manage data assets, how to establish the links between governmental functions and data? These are all problems needing to be solved in the next step.”


LEBEN is a smart-contract-based collaboration platform for medical industry that technologically features “trusted data exchange” and “profound sharing of knowledge”. The trusted computing technologies ensure that the data is not duplicated, moved or visible during the process of exchange so as to ensure trusted data exchange among different institutions, different areas and different countries. Meanwhile, with another knowledge computerization technology we developed, doctors can easily turn their own knowledge into smart contracts so as to carry out effective studies and even provide auxiliary decisions for diagnosis and treatment. This technology will help to achieve in-depth sharing of medical knowledge. With the application and development of trusted data and the participation of all ecological parties, LEBEN will promote the rapid development of digital petroleum economy and Equalized Healthcare, benefiting billions of people. Know more at Leben official website:


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