Shitcoin Token ($HIT) Explodes with Over $2 Million Market Cap in Latest Meme Coin Craze

Shitcoin Token, the latest name to hit the thriving market for meme coins, is quickly emerging as a lucrative investment option with a market cap of over $2 million.

Shitcoin ($HIT), a Binance Smart Chain BEP20 token, is taking strong strides towards becoming the next big name in the world of crypto. After an explosive launch on November 15, 2021, Shitcoin’s price has more than tripled and the potential in this meme coin seems to be still in its early stages. $HIT can now be purchased on decentralized exchanges like Pancakeswap, 1inch and others.

While Mainstream cryptocurrencies are created with specific goals, meme coins are not meant for any specific use and have no inherent value. These coins are inspired by popular social media jokes, sarcasm or puns, and are more of a community-driven phenomenon. According to Coinmarketcap, there are about 124 meme coins right now, out of which, coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are extremely popular.

The project team invites all to help raise mass awareness by sharing memes about Shitcoin on social media. All important project related updates are shared on Twitter.

“I haven’t ever seen this kind of grassroots interest in a meme coin. It’s completely insane. Just this week, I was able to rent 3 lambos with $hit,” said Kelly Levens, a delighted investor. 

Like all other popular meme coins, Shitcoin ($HIT) does not do anything whatsoever. Shitcoin’s management team boasts this lack of purpose gives the token an advantage by making it both scalable and eco-friendly. Early investors seem to agree. After 100 billion of its total supply was burned, Shitcoin’s trading volume and market cap skyrocketed.

The Shitcoin project is a highly ambitious venture that looks outpace accomplished competitors such as Shiba Inu and Doge coin to become the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

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About Shitcoin: Shitcoin Token ($HIT) is a Binance Smart ChainBEP20 token created to become the most popular token in the world. Instead of buying lots of other meme coins, you can buy THE $HIT.

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