GCBC is Giving Rare NFT Holders a Seat at the Owner’s Table

Toronto, CA / January 18, 2022 / SEAPRWIRE / Great Canadian Beaver Club [GCBC], an original and private club with a collection of over 10,420 NFTs, has announced its decision to offer holders of these rare NFT memberships a seat at the owner’s table. Tagged the first community structured NFT platform, GCBC is allowing these holders to sit and speak for the community.

The first Canadian club with no borders, GCBC has a clear roadmap first of which includes the launch of its decentralized finance [DeFi] app which will be a free-to-use platform for all GCBC holders. In addition to this, this private club seeks to incentivize token holders by offering them an opportunity to stake GCBC NFT memberships to earn $PELT tokens. A 30-day pre-stake or burn period has been integrated into the contract. Members must stake for 30 days before rewards are issued. $PELT Tokens that would be rewarded if staked will be sent to a burn address if not staked, creating a deflationary supply of $PELT.

$PELT tokens, furthermore, will have in-app usage—allowing owners to execute transactions and undertake tasks on the network.

An impressive feature of this exclusive Canadian club is its firm resolve to foster proper compensation of token holders and community members alike. As part of its plans to deliver this, a community bank has been initiated. To fund this bank, GCBC has partnered with one of the leading Bitcoin ATM providers, and according to the details of the agreement, 100% of the revenue generated will be sent to the bank. That’s not all, 50% of aftermarket sales, starting from day 1, will be sent to the bank as well as 20% of the total supply of $PELT.

Yet another impressive feature of GCBC is the Most Valuable Beaver [MVB] facet. Aimed at rewarding beavers for their extensive work towards the growth of the club, this feature will aid in the promotion of a role-based colony where constant support is appreciated and rewarded.

GCBC Lodges – Giving NFT Holders a Seat at the Owner’s Table

Giving holders private access and input in the overall decision-making process, GCBC has instituted an array of lodges. First of these lodges is the Political Lodge which will give these NFT holders exclusive access to govern the colony based on a set of evolving guidelines.

The Beavers Den, on the other hand, will give GCBC NFT owners access to make input on blockchain investments to diversify their portfolios. The Celebrity, Technology, and Party Lodges will give holders of these rare NFTs access to make input on advertising campaigns, technological developments for the colony, and planning of exclusive annual parties, respectively.

About GCBC

The Great Canadian Beaver Club otherwise referred to as GCBC is an exclusive club with a collection of 10,420 rare and unique NFTs which exist on an ERC-721 contract on the premier DApp network, Ethereum. Comprising 250+ hand-drawn traits from talented artist Dino Tomic, each of these NFTs is one of a kind. Aimed at giving these membership holders access to a plethora of lodges and incentives, GCBC is offering these owners seats at the decision-making table.

Social Contact

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GCBClub

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gcbclub/

Discord: https://discord.gg/bwStYB42zT

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Great Canadian Beaver Club [GCBC]
Contact Person: Mark, CEO
Email: Send Email
Country: Canada
Website Url: https://gcbnft.io

SOURCE: Great Canadian Beaver Club [GCBC]

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