GOGE Genesis Update – Pioneer Crypto-Based Virtual Nation, GOGELAND Set to Be Launched

Montreal, Canada / February 09, 2022 / SEAPRWIRE / GOGE, an experimental, community-led, and innovative project that aims at revolutionizing the world in every way possible, has announced the launch of GOGE GENESIS, a product that will spearhead the segue into the world of decentralized autonomous organization [DAO].

Through this update, GOGE is pronouncing itself the world’s foremost crypto-based virtual micronation called GOGELAND—a sovereign and independent nation. Citizens of this nation will decide on their future, flag, purpose, anthem, coat of arms, official dossier, etc. This will further carve GOGE’s name into the history books, alongside its native token—$GOGE—which will become the elemental currency of a nation.

Scheduled to be phased out in different phases throughout February 2022, all information regarding this update will be relayed by the GOGE team on all of its social media accounts.

GOGE has planned a ton of AMAs [Ask Me Anything] to be held on different dates throughout February 2022 and community members are encouraged to participate, ask questions, share suggestions and insights. Coalesced with these declarations, GOGE will kick-start a massive marketing campaign to spread the gospel of this community-led, innovative LGBTQ-focused crypto project. To achieve this, GOGE has entered an official partnership with Flexe.io, a marketing agency.

Transition into a DAO

The segue to DAO will see the GOGE project become the fundamental government run by a DAO in the trillion-dollar crypto space. Promising a truly decentralized, transparent, community-led, and self-governed project, $GOGE token holders will benefit greatly from staking their tokens. Besides the offering of sizable rewards in the form of $CAKE, $GOGE holders will become key members of the project—making suggestions and voting on the suggestions presented.

Contracts, team, and marketing wallets will be owned and controlled by DAO and $GOGE owners will reserve the right to vote on how these funds are used. Like what is obtainable on other DAO-powered projects, the amount of $GOGE held will determine a community member’s voting power.

Running a truly decentralized and democratic project, GOGE has simplified the voting process. $GOGE token holders will, on the updated V3 website, use the Dashboard to make proposals that will then be voted on by other community members. Once results are collated, these proposals are immediately and automatically implemented.

In an attempt to pass an external audit which has become a prerequisite to the trustworthiness of a crypto project, all previous contract problems users have encountered before this time has been duly resolved by the $GOGE founding team.

The pre-eminent LGBTQ-focused crypto project in the budding space, GOGE has donated over $10,000 to 3 LGBTQ charities in recent times and has been listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap—two of the leading crypto analytics websites.

Rewards for $GOGE Holders

GOGE as the foremost micronation on the blockchain has rewarded community members with over 1.3 million tokens. Currently, due to the recent dip in the market, GOGE is holding strong at $2.5million, which is a GREAT entry point from the projects all time high of $17.7 million. The project has established over 4,500 strong holders reading to break the crypto space with the transition to a DAO.

With $20,000 rewards shared in a ton of contests, thousands of token rewards from trivial games, and the $GOGE token listed on CoinW, GOGE has created NFTs that will be shared amongst its token holders. These NFTs, as told by the founding team, will be the world’s foremost NFT passports.

NFT Passports

Leading the way in the introduction of NFTs as digital identification on the blockchain, GOGE has initiated NFT Passports. In concomitance with the virtual micronation—which GOGE is the foremost leader—NFT passports will act as the official passports for citizens of GOGELAND. Limited to a specific amount and can be exclusively owned by buying and burning $GOGE tokens, it will be customizable—allowing owners to personalize them based on individual preferences.

Recent Achievements

Innovation, sheer willpower, leadership qualities, and compassion are requisites to becoming the next top dog coin. The GOGE team possesses all of these and through the introduction of prodigious upgrades such as this, GOGE is cementing its stance as the next top dog coin in the crypto market.

  1. Remarkably, it has managed to achieve a ton of feats in the shortest time possible. The pioneer LGBTQ-focused project, GOGE has;
  2. Rewarded token holders with over 1.3 million tokens.
  3. A market cap at an all time high of $17.7 million and is currently listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.
  4. Spent $20,000 in a plethora of contests, given out thousands of rewards in trivial games, and has been listed on CoinW—a centralized exchange.
  5. 5000 token holders and over $10,000 donated to three LGBTQ charities.
  6. Featured on Yahoo Finance and has, in the last couple of months, airdropped handmade yet exclusive NFTs to token holders.
  7. Partnered with Flexe.io to achieve its massive marketing campaign goal.

About GOGE

GOGE is an innovative, experimental, and community-driven project created specifically to unite humans from all over the world. The leading Gay Doge family member, GOGE will build an international, safe, reliable, and ever-growing virtual community for everyone. It will also reward community members with $CAKE for holding and staking its native token, $GOGE.

Social Contact

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DogeGaySon

Telegram: https://t.me/DogeGaySon

Medium: https://medium.com/@DogeGaySon/

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/K4vKhx5uqg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dogegayson

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dogegayson/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB8cqeE-T7tjP2JIozKxo2g

Litepaper: https://goge.showoffmarketing.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/6182996d6e5e6b621754741e_GOGE-LITEPAPER-V.5.pdf

Contact Detail:

Company Name: GOGE
Contact Person: MoonGoge, Developer
Email: Send Email
Country: Canada
Website Url: https://goge.co


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