P2E.Game,the one-stop GameFi and NFT information platform,has launched the section of Game Library

Recently, P2E.Game, the one-stop GameFi and NFT information platform, has announced its airdrops plan and released version 2.0 of the Game library. Through intelligent algorithms, the Game library boasts more than 95% of GameFi projects in the field of encryption and their key data. P2E.Game also applies composite algorithm to select high-quality game projects and establishes the Spotlight section to recommend them. At the same time, it shares abundant game strategies on the Recommended Game section with players to help them enjoy play-to-earn games.

P2E.Game has launched a scoring system to evaluate GameFi projects based on their market performance, project progress, social score, address distribution, TVL and other factors. The score serves as a reference for players to decide whether to play attention. It can help investors and Gamers find the upcoming GameFi projects to participate in with information on date range, entry price, and total raise number,saving users plenty of time by avoiding switching between various platforms and researching information.

On the Game section, P2E.Game will deeply integrate SocialFi with GameFi to create a Game complex,enabling players to make profits by playing games and exerting social influence. Players can expand their network and earn money in multiple ways, which can help high-quality projects retain high-quality users. The retention will be driven by leverage community ownership and native composability.

For Gamers, traditional platforms have shortcomings such as high entry barriers for non-blockchain users, inconvenient cross-chain asset management, scattered GameFi information, lack of diversification, and poor experience,et.,And game publishers are suffered by unfair models imposed by Web 2.0 game aggregators and lack of loyal users. P2E.Game team consists of senior Blockchain game players and it bonds projects with users through a more effective Web3-sense of marketing through launching Game library and E2E products.

In Game Library section, users can learn multiple indicators such as the public chain, Tokenomics model, earning type, project status, etc. on a terminal platform. P2E.Game selects GameFi projects based on multiple indicators to lower the entry barrier for players to participate in GameFi projects.

Since its official launch in 2022,P2E.Game has been gradually upgraded the official website according to user feedback and market pain points to meet the needs of players to release some functions. At present, four major sections of the Launchpad, Game library, NFT aggregator, and News section have been built, which will be constantly upgraded to meet the market demand. In addition, P2E.Game is launching a global expansion plan to provide integrated GameFi and NFT services for more blockchain players and investors.

on P2E GAME, users could effortlessly find the scores and comparison of different GameFi launchpads in terms of ROI or quality of projects, which saves you plenty of time switching between various platforms. The requirements of entry and the time period during which to participate are also provided so that users could timely track the best chance to earn from IDO with more accurate and comprehensive information.

P2E.Game focuses on GameFi and NFT ecology,committing to building a Web3.0 portal. At present, P2E.Game has expanded its community users, covering Germany, Spain, Singapore, the United Kingdom and other countries through global community marketing. P2E.Game is continuing to explore the global market, creating a win-win ecological platform for players, platforms and projects.

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